Solar Electric Boats

Our technology partner for this product is Fin-er Ab Oy, Elvene, a Finland based boat building company who, partnering with RoRo are building boats for African markets with the same technology, materials, and world class standards.


“You don’t have to be big to make a difference”.

Greta is an entry level turn-key solution, making electrical boating available for everyone! The 470 cm long boat has been developed to remind users of the traditional boat model. This environmentally friendly boat is designed to move silently in the water with minimum hydrodynamic resistance and she is built with the best available techniques to save weight and maximize strength. Greta can boast with more ergonomic seating for her passengers, as well as with a stability that you would not expect from a boat this size.

Greta is powered by an 1kw electric motor, which gives her plenty of power to move a fully loaded boat at speeds you would not expect from a small electrical boat. The battery will last all day, in normal use, and gets all its energy from the integrated solar panels.  

Except performance, usability and comfort, also safety has been a high priority when designing Greta. She stores her energy in safe, gel batteries. On top of that, she is also unsinkable thanks to her 4 independent floating tanks. So even if you fill Greta with water, you can still safely sit back and relax, as she will not sink. Of course, you have to be a special kind of pirate to fill Greta with water, as she has a high output, automatic bilge pump that makes sure the water always stays on the correct side of the hull.

Greta is the easiest way possible to get into electrical boating, and she is just as happy to take you out fishing, or just go for a cruise with your family and friends

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    Amber by Elvene:

    Looking at Amber’s specifications, the thing that really hits you is her low weight. This is a result of many different factors, but all of them can be rooted from the unique gathering of boat building knowledge found in Amber’s hometown of Jakobstad-Finland, a real boat building sanctuary!

    In Amber you can find centuries of boatbuilding heritage, combined with the latest technology. Low resistance hull designs from a time when excessive motor power was not available has been used as inspiration in the design, and what better influences to a modern pirate ship like Amber, than the Finnish smuggler boats from the 1920s. Then again Amber’s material choices are anything but historical, they have been inspired by the super yacht industry found in Jakobstad. The high strength material technology combined with the latest and most environmentally friendly production methods  makes the nearly impossible possible, and this is how Amber reaches her match weight.

    Having a low weight and a low resistance hull, has no value in itself, but they are both a means to reach the ultimate goal, to make Amber a planing boat, running 100% on solar power. When designing a solar powered boat the energy available is always limited, as the surface area where you can put solar cells is limited, so you need to maximize the use of every ray of light. On Amber almost every surface is covered with custom made solar panels. The deck and engine cover have 5mm thick walkable solar panels integrated into the design. On the roof you have 3mm thick solar panels, to minimize the weight up high on the boat and maximize the stability. You also have the option to add retractable solar panels under the solar roof, to have even higher solar charging capabilities when driving at slower speeds or when at port. All in all you can get more than 2kW of installed solar panels on Amber. All this power charges the onboard batteries, which then power the twin 11,5kW motors that propels Amber up to a 15knots top speed and gives her an infinite range at slower speeds, in perfect conditions. 

    • Length 6,2 m & Width 2,1 m
    • Seating for 7 ppl
    • Sleeping cabin in bow (2 persons)
    • Infotainment system for easy operation
    • Fireproof LifePo4 battery
    • Security via the Amber-app
    • Constant connection via 4G
    • Top speed 15 knots High cruising speed 11–15 knots. Low cruising speed 1-6 knots, also means infinite range.
    • Weight 750 kg – That’s right, including everything. Ostrobothnian boat building heritage makes such incredible feats possible.
    • Infinite range at low cruising speed, Minimum 20 NM at high cruising speed
    • Injection laminated structure, with low weight and high strength
    • 48V DC
    • 2×11,5kw