Wibit sports park - Green Africa

With over 25years of experience, impacted over 100 countries and 50million Wibit visitors to the various parks across the world, RoRo Eco Maritime Ltd is offering.

  • Beaches
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Lakes
  • Commercial Pools
  • Event Branding & Marketing opportunities
  • Product Launches

 sports business in Africa.

The Wibit sports park as a solution to a sustained and increased foot fall to your business. Strive to be different as each project is special and unique to us. From planning, installation, operations, marketing, and maintenance, Wibit is your partner for water sports and RoRo is your local execution company that would use its local expertise to ensure quicker returns on your investments for water

Wibit Beach Cocoon

Wibit Beach Cocoon

  • Safety on the beach
  • Generate Revenue
  • Improved Beach Experience
  • Social Distance and Privacy
  • Easy installation and storage.


Chill Like Never before

Let yourself drift away. This comfortable private Island comes in a very compact size and is designed for cosy relaxation.

Float like never before

Close your eyes and immerse yourself into tranquillity. The unique ergonomic shape of this floating sunbed ensures unrivalled comfort and ultimate relaxation.

Paddle Around

Time for a swim. The Kickboard offers optimal support for a relaxed floating experience in any water environment. Great for all ages.

Float Away

Make yourself comfortable and let your thoughts drift away. The inspiring shape of this private little island allows for a perfect getaway.